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About Vivere

Founded by Desmond Daniels and Cody Weiss who grew up together on the East end of Long Island.
Vivere was founded on the idea that everyone is striving to put their best foot forward, feeling confident and looking good. 
Fusing design, quality parts & production with competitive pricing that results in an exceptional product was our goal. We achieved this balance for you. Our brand, Vivere, was built to bear the expense of good construction without sacrificing the high value product we strive to realize. Couple this with our desire and commitment to great service, we expect to maintain a competitive place in the market.
The name Vivere is derived from the Italian verb meaning "to live". The meaning aligns with our mission and values; to give our customers an exceptional product with a unique design affording each one of you the ability to feel assured in your style and supporting your individualized "to live" journey. 
Together we have created a brand that represents timeless design, classic to fun, amazing construction, and our commitment to you of great service. We are truly dedicated to bringing you, our customers, one step closer to your perfect image and to live your best life.
"Live yours", however you envision the journey!